Delighted Again

Lois and I just celebrated our 41st anniversary, concluding that life together has been an adventure, having lived in West Africa and now traveling all over the United States meeting new people and sharing from God’s Word. Having three precious granddaughters certainly makes life even sweeter!On the inside of my wedding ring is inscribed this reference – … Read more

I Don’t Know About Tomorrow

But I Know Who Holds My Hand Late last year, it seemed that churches were unwilling to commit themselves to an Answers in Genesis conference, possibly due to the uncertainty of the future. Our conference schedule had dried up for the 2017 year. However, in our last newsletter we asked you to pray, and conference bookings … Read more

Who Is This Baby?

Who is that baby in the manger? A baby too weak to even walk or talk; He is the eternal Almighty God Who spoke the universe into existence, The One Who walked and talked with Adam and Eve in perfect fellowship in a perfect earth with no death. He is the One Who spoke the … Read more