Small Word

Things certainly have picked up around here now that school actually started today. For me, there’s the setting up and assignment of 200 accounts and passwords for e-mail use. And then there’s user support for all those who can’t figure it out, or whose stuff just doesn’t work. (And there’s far too much of that!) I’m also monitoring 2 classes as they take Online Courses from Northstar Academy, an ACSI-accredited online high school. These students are taking courses that we don’t presently have the teachers to teach. Bob had his first class in 6, 7, 8 Science and 7, 8 History. He even gave homework on the first day! Since most all the other teachers did too, he wasn’t the only ogre.

It looks like Bob will be going to Abidjan tomorrow to try and work out the final details for the delivery of our container. The business manager from the school is also going to start the paperwork for the school’s container which should be in port soon. Since he’s done this many times before, we have high hopes that we’ll actually accomplish something. 

Please pray that God will go before us and work for the release of our container. 

We received a very special visit from Jim and Rosie Johnson the other day. It made us feel a little more welcome to have someone we actually know from the states stop in to see us. They’ve invited us to spend part of the 6-week Christmas holidays with them at their station about 5 hours from here. I’m sure at Christmastime we’ll be glad for something to take our minds away from the fact that we’re not with family, although Dave and his cousin Ryan may be coming out in December. With the Johnsons were the Abernethys, missionaries here in Bouake who are supported by Gina and Brian’s church in Mount Vernon. What a small world we live in! They have 2 daughters here at the school. We had dinner with them Saturday night and will probably be attending their English-speaking service from time to time. 

Thanks for your prayers on our behalf. We’ll try to make this Wednesday update a regular happening for those of you with e-mail.