Just-in-time Prayer Support

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We don’t want to get too excited, but it looks like we may have our container by the first of next week – in time for our 25th anniversary! The latest news this morning was that they will have a final money figure for us tomorrow, and once that is paid they will release our container (it’s been in dock since August 7) to be loaded on the truck Monday and started on its way to Bouake. Please pray that this does happen, and that the money figure they give to us isn’t outrageous. We’ve already been told that the required % of estimated value to be paid has again risen from 2% (it was 1%) to 7% just this week!

We also have a very promising offer on our house, and our son David will be working with our realtor to hopefully process this sale within the next couple of weeks. Also pray that this will go through, or that God will provide another buyer.

Retailers use a term called “just-in-time” inventory, meaning that they sell their merchandise as soon as it comes in – just in time to sell. We feel e-mail has given us the privilege of having “just-in-time” prayer support, and we are delighted to keep you posted in this way. Maybe by our next update, we will be able to share that God has answered your prayers, and that our container has arrived here in Bouake.