The Only One Who Could Save the World

Delighted Again

I Don’t Know About Tomorrow

But I Know Who Holds My Hand

Late last year, it seemed that churches were unwilling to commit themselves to an Answers in Genesis conference, possibly due to the uncertainty of the future. Our conference schedule had dried up for the 2017 year. However, in our last newsletter we asked you to pray, and conference bookings picked up. Our January-February Florida schedule filled solid, and we have been out every week since the beginning of the year. Our first time to be at our home church this year was Easter Sunday, and we were blessed to be there.

Times are still uncertain and our nation is convulsing with divisive behavior. It seems that many people had been placing their hope in a big government to take care of their problems. When our leadership changed, these people lost their hope, and they are acting like people who have no hope.

I am so thankful that we don’t have to place our trust in government. We know that whatever happens, God is in control and we win in the end. But until Christ comes back, it can look kind of scary. Never has our nation so desperately needed to know where to turn for truth and our security.

I believe that the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter were built for such a time as this. We are smashing attendance projections in both places. People seem to be starving for truth; they want to know that the Bible really is true – all of it. Many need to see that there was a real global judgment in the past, and there is another one coming. Just as God provided the Ark of salvation from the flood to save those who believed, God has provided salvation from the judgement to come through His Son Jesus Christ.

This is an exciting ministry to be a part of – sharing in God’s mission to increase people’s faith in His Word during these uncertain times. Churches large or small, we will come to all, so give us a call today.